Join us for an entertaining potter through the salubrious history of The Bull Inn.

We are very excited about tomorrow’s illustrated historical talk with the font of all Limpsfield historical knowledge, Charlie Jarrett.


Charlie’s family have lived and worked in Limpsfield for hundreds of years and have a personal connection with The Bull Inn too.


Charlie has a huge amount of anecdotes and stories about our amazing building and its part in the history of Limpsfield, as well as stories about the village and surrounds. His local historical talks are always really popular and we are expecting a full house!


Evening starts at 7.30PM, with Q and As at the end.

Food will be available from 5.30-8.30PM.

Book your table on our reservations page or call us.

You can also just turn up and grab a place at the bar…but don’t be late!

Phone: 01883 713469