Over 30 years ago, Lynda came to the wine industry by mistake, having been offered a sales position by a South African wine importer. She took the job, found her calling and has never looked back. Lynda will be the host of our South African Wine Supper on 25 April. Find out more about her here…



“I was very happy pursuing a career in International Trading – buying and selling everything from prize budgerigars to a wallpaper printing plant,” said Lynda. “I was curious about wine and thought I’d give the job a go for a couple of years, learn something about wine and then go back to a real job! Needless to say, that plan didn’t come to fruition. I consider myself fortunate to have been paid to travel the world drinking wine. Not such a bad job!”


Gerard (Holden) bought the vineyard in 2010 and met Lynda in 2011. Having worked with huge international wine companies supplying supermarkets and national multiple retailers, Lynda was attracted to the idea that small is beautiful. As a family-owned and run winery, Holden Manz has a heart and soul which you see in the styling of the wines, packaging as well as the commercial goals and aspirations.


Gerard Holden and Migo Manz make it their business to know every partnership; no matter where their customers are in the world. Gerard has yet to visit The Bull, but he is very aware of the work we do together. “Knowing you can phone the boss at any time and that he will listen is rewarding and motivating,” says Lynda.



This is the wonderful Gerard Holden, owner of Holden Manz – the boutique winery we’ll be showcasing for our South African Wine Supper… Nicknamed Big G, one of Holden Manz’s wines is named after him, and you’ll be tasting it on the night!


As Lynda explains,  Holden Manz is a boutique wine producer, so quantities are very small. This means customers know the provenance of every single bottle and appreciate the care and effort that goes into making each wine. She calls this ‘mindful drinking’; stopping to appreciate what’s in the glass and understand the care and passion that the team put into making every bottle.





When we asked her which of the HM wines if her favourite, Lynda is the epitome of diplomacy and professional dedication…“You cannot ask me that! I love them all, however the wine I choose to drink will depend upon my mood, the occasion and what we are eating (and if I have to share it).”