Last week we were very lucky to host a private showcase event for Gourmet Games, a local entrepreneurial business that organises ice breaker games for social events, where the key activity is built around tasting wine, gin, chocolates or whisky! 


The Bull was the perfect venue to host this lively event, with the Gourmet Games’ team drawn to our sumptuous space and our passion for quality food and drink.


The idea originated when the founders, Clare MacMillan and Claire Male had young children and were meeting lots of new parents through school, but the initial socialising was a little awkward!


“Lots of social evenings – whether based around business, school or other types of activities – need a bit of structure and something to get the conversation going,” said Clare MacMillan.


“The point of our games is to give people something to talk about and to encourage them to chat and mingle with a common goal. Clearly there’s also a huge benefit in that we are also doing one of our favourite activities – drinking wine, especially in such lovely surroundings!”


They initially devised and developed a wine tasting game, that runs throughout a dinner party, essentially as an ice-breaker.  This was a huge success, so they came up with some variations – creating games around tasting gin, whisky and chocolate.


Unlike other tasting games, the host can join in too, with the games running over the course of a meal or degustation (menus provided) and points are scored for the correct identification of each wine or gin. There is also a knowledge quiz and prize for the person with the most points at the end of the night.


Supporting this new local business, our Gourmet Games event at The Bull was a great success – both a huge amount of fun and also very educational – giving everyone the opportunity to taste some of the fantastic wines and gins included, some of which are available at The Bull.


The Bull Inn team will be developing a series of wide-ranging events and complementary collaborations in 2019 to build upon the vision we have for our amazing business. We’d love to welcome Gourmet Games back to host future events at The Bull, so if you have a group of people who could do with some help getting to know each other, or if you have a business or other event you’d like them to host, please give them a call!


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