The Deli Truck Pulls Up at The Bull

We’re very excited to announce that on Thursday, September 24th and October 1st, The Deli Truck will be with us from 6-9pm, serving up three dishes from its famous “Low and Slow” BBQ menu.


Australians know how to BBQ and The Deli Truck, run by Aussie husband and wife team, Dennis and Miri Broadfield, will be serving up a meat lover’s feast, including Pulled Pork, Texas style ribs, and for those who prefer meat-free, their famous Crispy chickpea and corn fritters.


On the Menu:

Texas Style Ribs
– smoked for 4 hours and served with their own sticky BBQ sauce – sautéed potatoes and home-made coleslaw. £11.50

Pulled Pork – Their most requested dish. Smoked “low and slow” to retain flavour and moisture Dennis and Miri smoke a whole shoulder of pork for up to 10 hours then season with their own BBQ sauce for a deep full-flavoured pork. This is as authentic as it gets £10.50

Crispy chickpea and corn fritters – A super tasty vegetarian dish. Their chickpea and corn fritter is made by Miri at Deli Truck headquarters. This dish will even turn the heads of dedicated meat eaters! Served with refreshing salsa and a Japotle mayo sauce £9.50

Reserve your tables online or just pitch up. Have a drink while you wait. Eat in or take away.

Please remember tables inside or out are 6 people only.